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What are cookies?

Cookies are small, harmless pieces of data that are stored on your computer or mobile device by the website during your visit. Cookies can be set directly by the website you are visiting ("first party cookies") or by other websites whose content is integrated into website you're visiting ("third party cookies").

Cookies don't contain any personally identifiable information.

Cookies enable the website to remember the user during his/her visit and make functions such as shopping cart, automatic login, polls possible. They are also used for storing user's preferences (default language etc.) which greatly improves user's experience of a website. Cookies are also essential for website analytics. Third party cookies are mostly set by social network plugins, embedded content such as videos or maps and by advertising networks to serve more relevant ads.

Our website uses the essential session cookie (used to track you during your visit/session and is deleted when you leave our website or close your web browser) and the cookies used by Google Analytics service which provides us with web site usage statitics and enable us to improve the website.

The following cookies are used on our website:

Cookie Name Source Description
PHPSESSID our website

Session cookie is essential for the website to remember the user for the duration of the visit/session, which then enables the website to remember what the user entered in web forms, shopping carts etc. The cookie expires at the end of user session or when the users closes the web browser.

ew_cookie_consent our website

This cookie is used to store user's consent regarding cookie usage on this website. Without this cookie, the website would ask for your consent regarding cookie usage every time you visit it.

_ga Google Analytics

First party cookie, set on behalf of our website by Google Analytics (web analytics provider). The cookie is used to distinguish users and its expiration time is set to 2 years from last visit.



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